specializing in custom pet portraits
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About My Batiks

painting with wax and dye onto cotton . . . 

I hand-paint batiks . . .

However, instead of the traditional beeswax and silk of this craft, I employ a method instilled in me by the strict budget of my current life, and my Grade 9 art class – where I learned this skill. My pieces are made by painting with canning/paraffin wax, on 100% cotton fabric. Instead of the traditional tjanting tool – something that is truly beyond my skill – I use a motley collection of simple paintbrushes. This gives me a finer and more detailed level of control, and a unique style.

Other than my custom pet portraits . . . The majority of my pieces are images from photographs I’ve taken myself, or of literary and pop culture creations that inspire and influence me.

I list multiple batiks I've done, from the same photograph or design, as individual pieces. This is because each one is an individually hand-painted batik and carries its own unique and singular details. 

When I first rediscovered this medium (back in the early 90’s) I limited myself to tracing the art of others. My choices often featured distinct and easy lines to follow – such as Celtic knots. Nowadays, I venture into pieces that require more of my own artistic decision-making and vision and use my own photography. This artistic growth is especially true in the custom pet portraits I'm now specializing in. As a result, my pieces are,more than ever, complex paintings rather than the paint-by-numbers they used to be.

I'm inspired by the beautiful world we live in, with its breathtaking color, light, shadow and drama. My dear friends inspire me in equal measure. I strive to stay active and creative; and being around others who are dynamic and creative keeps me on my toes. In this regard, my closest friends are what often motivate me the most. Whether they communicate with whit, play music, build cabinets, chef great food, or teach – it all serves to enrich my art, my mind and my heart.