specializing in custom pet portraits
wax pot.JPG


hand-painted batik portraits. 

stretched onto a wooden frame,

    ready for hanging.     

Portraits of a single pet are $100

+ postage - which is $15 in the US, and $25 to all other countries. 

LOGISTICS:  Please Contact Me before you purchase your portrait, so that we can communicate about your images and any specific details. I will need a photo or two to work from: one that you want the portrait to be based upon, and any others you feel necessary for color reference, etc.

SIZE:  Portraits of a single pet measure roughly 10 x 12 inches. The exact dimensions will vary slightly, depending on what works for the composition of a specific image. 

(Portraits that feature two pets, measure approximately 13 x 19"s, and are $180.) 

You can contact me through etsy, or email me direct at batiknotion@gmail.com